Property Management

Once you have joined our team and have partnered up with us; our services will have you feeling confident and worry free….. EJG Property Management Services will work for you……

Prior to tenant moving in:

Full credit and background checks will be performed on each prospective tenant.

Once approved we will perform employment verification check and follow up with past landlords and references.

We will have a meeting with the approved tenant and go over all rules and special circumstances that you may have with your property that we will enforced during occupancy.

Our team will go over the Move In Check List at the property with the tenant and show them how to maintain the integral systems of the property. An Emergency Check List will be prepared for the tenant to follow in case of an emergency such as: fire, burst pipes, leaking pipes/toilets/tubs, heating issues, floods, electrical issues, etc. and a list of appropriate emergency phone numbers.

We will also give them the 5 Day List for any concerns, condition, issues with the property.

If the tenants are moving into a condo or town house with a Condominium Association, we will furnish the tenants with any special documentation, rules and regulations required by the Condominium Association prior to moving in.

After the tenant moves we will perform a Move In Follow Up Visit:

As the tenants are moving in we will follow up with them and go over any concerns, condition, issues with the property that are on the 5 Day List.

If the tenants are moving into a condo or town house with a Condominium Association, we will act as the liaison and will communicate for the owner and tenant.

EJG Property Management will take care of any items or actions required by the Association prior to the move in.

Management Services Include:

Complete accounting services: processing rents, managing owner escrow accounts and tenant security deposits. We also provide paying property expenses and condo fees. If needed - Property taxes, mortgage and insurance payments. We manage and maintain copies of all documentation that pertain to the owner's property and will be available to view on the portal. Monthly and yearly financial statements are provided for tax purposes.

  • Invoice / quote approval
  • Collect rents and deposit and disbursement
  • Prepare letter of intent to renew & lease renewal
  • Follow-up on lease renewal
  • Our 24 hour emergency on-call service available to all tenants
  • Scheduling preventative and routine maintenance
  • Oversight of property improvements if needed
  • Contractor selection, coordination, contract preparation and job site supervision for contracted services and routine maintenance
  • Maintain tenant entry log, including tenant and maintenance issues and conversations
  • Liaison to Condo Associations
  • Act as emergency contact for all tenants
  • Recurring property inspections
  • Online login: view statements, documents, correspondence, conversation threads with owners or tenants, view and approve work orders, quotes and invoices and view legal actions.

EJG Property Management, LLC offers our state-of-the-art online portal for owners. Owners will be able to log on and view all accounting statements, maintenance items and tenants’ conversations and issues.